Artist of War (Thrawn) Event

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Artist of War (Thrawn) Event

Post by kaitai on Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:21 pm

I did this for the murder bears, so figured I'd follow up with the Thrawn event.  I 2-starred the event with the line-up below.  Breezed through the first 3 stages (recommend auto-basic on 2 and 3 so that all specials are ready to go on stage 4).  For the last stage, I used Chopper or Ezra to remove taunt, and then took out Deathtroopers first.  Then, took out stormtroopers and left Thrawn for last.  Make sure Zeb stays alive - he can stun Thrawn which was key for me when Thrawn was on his own.  I also used Zeb for most (if not all) of the assist specials, and I think I used Hera's backup plan on Zeb at some point which brought him back once.  I followed advice from gaming-fans about which mods to use, and I didn't zeta any abilities.

Hera (L) - 7*, Level 85, g9, level 7 Outwit and Play to Strength, maxed Backup Plan and Rise Together, speed 212 (health mods)
Chopper - 7*, Level 85, g9, all abilities maxed, speed 183 (2X health and 1X defense mods).
Ezra - 7*, Level 85, g9, level 7 Flourish, all other abilities maxed, speed 157 (crit. chance / offense mods)
Kanan - 7*, Level 85, g8, maxed Clear Mind, all other abilities level 7, speed 128 (2X defense and 1X health mods)
Zeb - 7*, Level 85, g8, maxed Shrug Off, all other abilities level 7, speed 157 (2X health and 1X potency mods)

Hope this helps.


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