Territory Wars Defense Strategy (4/4/18)

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Territory Wars Defense Strategy (4/4/18)

Post by Anomalous on Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:07 am

Sector 1: 80k + Power Squads
Sector 2: 55k - 70k Power Squads
Sector 3: 70k - 80k Power Squads
Sector 4: 90k + Power Squads
All other sectors are fill.

Thoughts behind strategy -
With Sector 2 being significantly weaker than Sector 1, the enemy should plan their initial assault on that sector with the idea that we're disorganized and that it is a weakness in our front lines. Some of their heavy hitters will be trigger happy, using higher power teams in unnecessarily weaker battles in that sector, disposing of those higher power teams.

By the time that they've taken Sector 2, they will hopefully have used up some higher end resources, making them unprepared for Sector 4, where our main defense is set up. Once they realize what's going on, they should adapt and redirect their attacks to Sector 1. It's important that Sector 1's squads are above 80k power or this strategy may not work.

In case they have enough resources to break through Sector 1 as well, they will certainly be out of gas by the time they breach Sector 3. Sector 3 will still have strong defenses as long as the squads here have faction synergy. If all goes according to plan, this strategy will minimize our losses and see us to victory.

TL;DR: Strategy revolves around wasting enemy resources through deception. Making them weak to our main forces and strengthening our defensive odds.

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