Anomalous's All-in-One Mod Guide (WIP Ver 0.50)

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Anomalous's All-in-One Mod Guide (WIP Ver 0.50)

Post by Anomalous on Sat Mar 31, 2018 12:34 pm

Hey Spacers!
So after my other topic went unanswered, I decided to do my own research.  A few days later, I can say that I'm pretty ept on the topic of mods.  But it took a lot of research and time.  I don't want everyone to have to go through that same grind, so I'll be creating this guide for Mods for everyone to use.  

As, on the same token, I'm trying to encourage forum use ... I will not answer questions about this topic in-game once the thread is complete.  Any further questions should be posted under this thread (Or a new topic created if the question isn't relevant to the guide or the information contained within) and I will answer those questions as quickly and thoroughly as I can, perhaps even adding to the guide as a result.  I hope this is helpful for you all.  Just from "mastering" mod knowledge, my inward look upon my SWGOH competency has gone from like a 4 to an 8.

Without further ado, let's begin!

Mods Overview

So first, we need to understand what a mod is.  Above is an image.  On the left is your standard mod as you would see it in game.  On the right is a legend of every piece of information and what it is on that same mod.  We will go through, from top to bottom, and briefly explain each designated variable of the mod.

Rarity - Rarity (Or Dots) determines how much a mod will grow when it is leveled.  Any dots (From here on denoted with *) will have the exact same amount of stat increases or bases.  However, how much those stats increase or how high the base stat is scales with the rarity of the mod.  At level 15, a 1* mod may only have +5 Speed, while a mod with the exact same stat rolls and growth rolls but with 5* may have +22 Speed.  17 Speed may not seem like much, but if you had a difference of 17 speed on 5 mods on a single character, that's a whopping difference of +85 Speed between 1* and 5* mods.  Rarity is important!

Shape - The Shape of a mod is one of the more simple concepts to understand.  There are six shapes.  Square, Diamond, Circle, Arrow, Triangle, and Cross.  All mods will be one of these shapes.  The importance is that a character is fitted with a single slot for each shape.  That means a full set of character mods will contain one of each shape.  No more, no less.  Due to the simplicity of the shape aspect, there will be no further coverage on this part of mods.  It is important to remember, though, that while farming, do not get frustrated.  Triangle and Arrow are intended to be the rarest of the shapes.  It is not an equal drop rate for all shapes.

Quality - Mod Quality (Or Color) is one of the first methods of identification you'll use when farming for good end-game mods.  All level 15 mods will end up being Gold.  So it doesn't tell us anything to see a gold mod that's already level 15.  However, all mods are received at level 1.  This is when quality is important for mod identification.  The higher the quality, the higher the odds are that you'll receive a great mod that you're looking for once it is leveled.  Mod Qualities from lowest to highest: Grey > Green > Blue > Purple > Gold.

Set Bonus Stat Symbol - The Set Bonus stat symbol will appear on three locations of a mod summary.  In the middle of the shape (The quickest indicator), and at the bottom that shows the set bonuses for the mod.  When farming through Mod Challenges, you will farm your mods based on the Set Bonus you are trying to acquire.  This will always synergize with the character you are farming for.  

Level - The Level of a mod is among the simplest of its qualities.  All mods are received at level 1.  Like characters, you can spend credits to increase the level (and effectiveness) of your mods.  The amount of credits needed varies on what the level of the mod currently is, what level you want to raise it to, and the rarity of the mod.  Higher levels and rarities (Again, or dots/*) require higher amounts of credits.  We'll go more in to this later.  To take a level 15 mod from level 1, it will cost 486,000 credits.

Primary Stat Gain - Every Mod will roll a Primary Stat.  What stat may roll is determined by the Shape of the mod.  Different shapes have different stat pools to roll from.  A Primary Stat will always grow to its maximum potential at Mod level 15.  The only thing that causes this number to vary is the mod rarity.  Higher rarity, higher roll.  All 5* Mods with a Primary stat of Health will increase a characters health by the same amount as any other 5* Primary Health Mod.  All 1* Mods with a Primary stat of Health will increase a characters health by the same amount as any other 1* Primary Health Mod.  But the 5* Mods will always heavily outweigh the health gain as opposed to 1* Mods.

Secondary Stat Gains - Secondary Stat Gains are quite a bit more complex than your Primary stat gain on a mod.  The pool of secondary stats is much larger than any of the primary stat pools, making the stats rolled more random.  Like Primary stats, Secondary stats will have higher base values based on the rarity (*) of the mod.  However, the LEVEL 1 Quality (Color) of the mod, will determine how much the mod grows.  You have no control over which secondary stats grow when the mod is leveled.  This is completely based on chance.

Set Bonus - In the image above, the Set Bonus indicates with a (4) that a critical damage mod set requires 4 mods on a single character to be of the critical damage set to receive a set bonus.  Your character will receive a bonus of 15% critical damage once that requirement is met.  Set Bonuses will always require either 2 or 4 mods of that set to receive the bonus.

Max Level Set Bonus - In addition to the set bonus we just went over, if all four of those mods have been raised to a mod level of 15, you will receive a greater set bonus; the Max Level Set Bonus.  In the case of critical damage, that would be 30% instead of 15%.  If three of the mods are level 15, and one is not, you will only receive the base set bonus, not the max level.

Mod Quality and Level

Now we will go in to a bit more detail on the aspects of quality (color) and level.  Levels are simple to understand.  By spending credits, you can increase the level of your mod up to a maximum of 15.  As we mentioned earlier, ALL mods are acquired at level 1, so this will be necessary in the case of every single mod you get to maximize its output.  When leveling up, each level has a specific increase to a certain stat of the mod depending on the level acquired.  You can view these increases in the chart above.  Levels 3, 6, 9, and 12 are the most significant levels.

We will go in to color with that said.  Again, as previously mentioned, color serves two purposes.  One purpose CAN be to indicate a quick notification of the level range that the mod is in.  This is true in all cases when starting all your mods out with a Grey quality.  By referencing the chart above, you can see the minimum quality a mod will be for each level of its life cycle by the colored cells.

However, this isn't always the case.  Which leads me to the second purpose of color.  Potential.  When you acquire a mod, its potential will not always be grey.  Sometimes it may be green or blue.  Even gold.  This may be one of the single most important aspects of identifying your mods when grinding for end game mod sets.  In these cases, the color of a mod when leveling up is irrelevant of the above chat.  

To put it simply, the mod color indicates how many secondary stats have already been rolled on a mod, regardless of level.

  • Grey = 0
  • Green = 1
  • Blue = 2
  • Purple = 3
  • Gold = 4

So let's say you have a level 1 Gold mod.  Congratulations!  You have the maximum potential mod of its given stats and are ready to hand your life over to RNG.  Remember how I said the levels 3, 6, 9, and 12 are significant?  Well, we can explain that here.  Note that these levels can also be viewed in the chart under level action by the "Sec. (Secondary) Gain/Increase" denotation.  

When a mod reaches one of those level thresholds, the game determines whether the mod needs another secondary stat, or (If that is already satisfied) which secondary stat it already possesses to upgrade and by how much.  Given that a mod may only have 4 secondaries at maximum level, it's easy to understand why the quality matters at level 1.  Remember that level 1 gold mod you have?  Well, it already has all 4 secondary stats.  And it hasn't reached the levels of 3, 6 , 9, or 12 yet.  This means that the "Sec. Gain/Increase." that occurs at those levels, of the two options, a secondary gain is IMPOSSIBLE.  Which leaves the game only the option to increase a current secondary.  The game will only choose one.  It's just as possible for game to choose each stat (going to 12) one time and give you a 'meh' mod, as it is to choose a single stat four times and giving you an extremely specialized mod.  Similarly, in the case of the latter, the game could choose the same secondary stat all four times to upgrade; however, it could choose a very good stat, or a very bad stat.  This part of the mod process is completely based on RNG and will result in a LOT of frustration and "wasted" credits.

Mod Rarity and Set Bonuses

In the image above, you'll notice one mod at level 15 of each rarity.  1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, and 5*.  I wasn't able to find much better examples for the sake of comparison, but the purpose is to show that the higher the rarity, the higher the stats on the mod.  This is most evident between the 1* and 4* mod and then 2* and 5* mod when looking at their primary stat bonuses.  Remember, higher rarity mods have higher base stats and a bigger modifier when upgrading already existing secondary stats.

Here you see every possible mod set bonus available currently in the game.  In order to earn a set bonus, you will need either 2 or 4 mods on a single character under a specific set type.  This means you will often plan ahead with your sets before you begin farming with three 2 set bonus mods (3x2 = 6) or a 2 set bonus with a 4 set bonus mod set (2+4=6).  Not planning ahead and neglecting these set bonuses can mean the difference between victory or defeat in battle.  These are some of the easiest bonuses to acquire from mods.  Take advantage of them!  You can easily farm your chosen sets from the Mod Challenges.  More on that later!

Primary and Secondary Stats

As stated earlier, Mods have both primary and secondary stats.  Often times, at least when you first begin farming mods, you'll find that your first stat to aim for is going to be the primary stat.  This is because these stats are easier to manipulate and their potential never fluctuates.  Once you have a 5* mod with the primary that you desire, you know that when you level it to level 15, it'll be the amount of bonus to that stat dictated in the above chart.  This is a good baseline to begin your modding when you first start.  And its a relatively easy process to complete.  Each shape can only roll a designated pool of primary stats.  This is shown in the infograph above.  The picture also shows what each stat bonus will be with a level 15 5* mod.  This value does not change with those parameters in mind.

Once you have all your mids on a character with ideal primaries, then you can start farming for secondaries.  Secondary stats are exponentially more difficult to obtain ideal, even acceptable, results than their primary stat counterparts and you will spend a LONG time and a LOT of credits attempting to perfect your mods at this stage.  Fortunately, this is the final stage of mod completion, assuming you've paid attention to every other aspect of your mods at this point.  Almost always, a primary stat will outweigh its secondaries.  So as a general rule of thumb, I prefer to discard any mods that I receive that do not have the primary stat that I need (Or save them for another character).  The only time that there is an exception to this rule is when speed comes in to play, but we will get in to that later.  We talked about how secondary stats roll in the quality section above, so we won't re-cover that.  However, use the chart to see the maximum roll on a secondary stat.  Secondary's do not that shape in to consideration and can roll just the same on any mod.  Use the chart above to determine how good in a certain stat your mod is.

This Guide is a Work in Progress.  I will remove the (WIP) tag from the title once it's complete.  Check back often for updates!  I intend to have this done as quickly as possible.  Most of the information I have outlined.  I may need to create a few visual aids.  Other than that, I anticipate formatting will take the longest to finalize.

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Re: Anomalous's All-in-One Mod Guide (WIP Ver 0.50)

Post by Anomalous on Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:39 pm

Changes to be made (QoL, not content):
- Shrink Images by ~25-33% for better Mobile compatibility (4/1/18)
- Play with font to increase readability atop new background
- Establish optimally uniform and user friendly formatting


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